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Dawn is upon me, I see the valley amidst the sun kissed tree tops
There's an amazing golden sparkling mist covering the valley floor
Dark the night, a chill crept upon me as I'm perched upon this rock
Tragedy at dusk, carefree and reckless like so many times before

Warm is the sunshine upon my wings, knowing better; lends to pain
Warning; the surrounding sea is deadly for those with wings to spread
Cursed are the winds and mesmerized by the Siren's Call, was to claim
Many a handsome Archangel did dare the Siren's Call, presumed dead

Perched on this rock, I slowly spread my wings full to set once more
I walk along the rivers bank toward a mystical cove, laden with rocks
There, Mermaid Sirens of Lore, amongst the water edge totaling four
Shocked, suddenly startled by me; diving into waves of jagged rocks

Cooling mist spritz my face,  heat of the sun was broken, like my wing
I turned to take my leave, when water splashed on my back, there I see
"Sir, do not hast, you fell from the Heavens because you heard us sing"
"We are the Daughters of Poseidon, the lonely, lonely Sirens of the Sea"

Warned I was of the Sirens who sing, so they caused my broken wing
Many an Archangel has fallen to their death, please, pray tell of my fate
Sailors near and far do tell of run-a-ground ships and strange happenings
About going mad from your singing, your beauty creates jealousy and hate

The four of you are unbelievably beautiful, your hair; your amazing eyes
I beg of you, tell me your names, even Mermaid Sirens must have a name
"Thank you Sir for being so kind, Destiny, Mercy, Largo and Desire, am I"
I'm Autumn, I represent the end of summer and the start of winter's claim

"As well, your name is beautiful; you're very different from all the others"
Wait! Please don't go. Why do you take leave? "We must, that's our call"
Wait, will you four return to me by dawn's early light? "Yes, Do take cover"
It'll be hard finding a shelter this night, my broken wing injured in the fall

Into the forest interior, a cave I did find, cold and damp, no rest tonight
The Sirens on my mind; knowing I survived the fall, yet my brothers died
Dawn is near, hurry back to the waters edge, my perching rock is in sight
I'll wait awhile; my eyes became heavy, I woke from a dream where I cried

They're across the water, I yelled names, Destiny, Mercy, Desire and Largo
It's Autumn, dawn's early light; come to this side where we were to meet
Diving in I saw tails splash 1,2,3 and 4 in a blink of an eye, away they go
Desire, Why did you four leave in hast? "Summoned by father to the deep"

"Autumn, we wonder why you are unable to hear the message in our songs?"
"Your brothers and the men of the sea, visit us below with invitations, All"
"It's what we do, allure men by songs to join in celebration, can that be wrong?"
If against their will, it's very wrong to lead men to their deaths, why call?"

"Desire, is my name, all men want me, they can't resist me, for I am desire"
"Largo is my name, I am music in their heads, It calls to them to come to me"
"Mercy is my name, I am the last word on their lips, it's mercy they do desire"
"Destiny is my name, your destiny is to be with me, hold on I'm their final plea"

Desire, you have asked, why the songs that you four sing didn't affect me?
Your songs were not heard; the roar of the wind made me reckless in my flight
I got in trouble for not listening to my elders, my deafness was a secret,see
The truth is a blessing now, the childhood lessons they taught were so right

Now I know there is evil in your songs, my brothers lured falsely by you four
Hear my words sisters of the deep, my heart is full for my brothers, I weep
Evil are your songs, your beauty is false, no longer your secret will be lore
Largo, Desire, Mercy and Destiny, winter will claim you forever frozen in the deep!


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