The soul has much to say

Last, dance


Last song, of the night
Been watching her, watching me
Fancy footwork, isn't my thing
Yet, with emerald eyes, such as hers

...I'll make an effort

Too late, for introductions
A tender grasp, of her hand
Only the dawn, rivals, her smile
"Just follow my lead," I whisper

"I'll go, wherever you go"...her reply

I skipped, my senior prom
Declined the chance, at my wedding
Now, a new chapter, in my history
An opportunity, not to be missed

She's delicate, to the touch
Yet, her form against mine...strong
The scent of rosewater, in the air
She professes, to be clumsy

A token of my sensitivity
I asked her, to remove her shoes
She places her feet, upon mine
Follow the leader, was never, this much fun

Freedom of the mind
We journey, across a ballroom, in France
Set the pace, in a Spanish dance hall
A tempest of rhythm, in a smoke filled cafe

I had waltzed, with an angel
My chest, absorbed her beating heart
Soon, she'd be, a beautiful memory
I hold her, tighter

One more, dance
...One more, time"

There's goes that smile, again

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Last, dance

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