once upon a time

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That place called Belfast,
Standing in Sydney thinking
Home is so far away.
Wondering will I ever belong here?

Belfast will always be there,
Lurking in my mind.
I think of its kindness to people,
Be they rich or poor.

The friendly banter in large and small stores.
It won't matter who you are or where you come from.
Its people hear you and will always speak to you.

They pick up on the conversation.
Then the banter starts.
Here in Sydney there's only the daily grind.
No one says hello.

That old Belfast town, A City divided, but its people
Seem to be able to leave the politics behind, and simply
Greet you in its City streets,

One time in Castle Junction
I stared at Albert Clock, Belfast's leaning tower
And wondered why doesn't it topple over?
After all it's built on top of Farset River.

I turned away and looked down Donegal Place
There's the City Hall,
Built on the site of the old linen hall

I looked up at the façade of Scottish Provident
Housed in Donegal Square West.
Old Belfast industries etched in stone.

Will Future generations wonder what happened?
It's all gone lost in history.
That's Belfast far away!

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