My God are you with me

My God are you with me

When I'm alone and have time to think, my mind is in full control
I think of my country and other things, I search around my soul
I go to places that make me feel good and others that make me sad
I remember times gone bye with mum and dad, it was about them and me
I was with them free and loved those times we shared
My mind wandered to happy times,so happy I could cry
I was free then,my God you were with me, I ask you why
Things changed from my childhood days with my mum and dad, so sad
I soon found out my country of Ireland didn't belong to the people of this nation
I became confused that this is not my country. As Marley said Emancipation
My country changed, they told me of a foreign army that came to-day
I was confused and asked my God, please take my thoughts away.
I want my mum and dad days back again, it's about them and me
I hope I don't sound selfish. I just want Ireland to be free
Don't leave me Lord. Please hear my plea,
Just sharing my thoughts between you and me

Gerrard McGeachy
Jan 6th 2011

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My God are you with me

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