Irish Eyes

Irish Eyes         Jan 20, 2011

I look at your eyes my Irish child and I see a future bright
One day in this land of Ireland no foreign army in sight
You'll read your history and think of Bobby
You'll cry for the ten and the other men
You'll learn Irelands women were with them
Children on the Falls, Ardoyne, and William street amen
Caron Anne Kelly, a child of Ireland was given a plastic death
Marraid died unarmed killed  by a English gun
Danny a Falls Road boy lost his life, another Irish son
Sean died with them at Gibraltar, they killed another one
The children of our nation murdered but we still remain free
That other nation that we know will not control our people
The innocent have died with the planters still here
WE will not live in fear, we remember those Irish eyes
Remember those Irish eyes and say a little prayer
Remember Bobby, the Gibraltar three and all our Irish people
It happened many times before, remember Wolfetone and Connolly
My Irish Eyes please smile again and remember your Irish past
When your Irish eyes glow Ireland will know our people are free at last
A Nation Once Again, Irish freedom's here with sad memories of our past

Gerrard McGeachy

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