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street scene ii

if it hadn't been for insomnia
I wouldn't have been around
it might've been hours more
before he'd have been found
he lies there sort of shrunken
as though his coat doesn't fit
and he reeks of booze
and he's been sick all over it

he's battered and he's bleeding
as though kicked around the head
and I can hear him moaning
so I know he's not yet dead
I'm not sure if he is conscious
or if he can hear at all
but I'm  trying to tell him
I've made the three nines call

I can hear the ambulance arriving
and the police have come as well
soon he's in the ambulance
away from his own scene of hell
and the police take my details
think it was just another fight
from what is now just a normal
twenty first century Saturday night

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street scene ii