The soul has much to say


Sensual, interrogation
A sweet, command
"Tell me your dreams," she asked
"Taste it upon my lips," I whispered

God is everywhere, a kiss

Her face, in my hands
Like, holding the sun, at its apex
Skin, I'm so unworthy, to touch
She shows me, how to unlock, her soul

Praise, Him for the gift of memory

She clings to me, as if she were flesh
A waterfall of silk, cloaks her shoulders
I'm not Jacob, but I wrestled with God
Holding on, till He poured out, a blessing

...and here, she stands, before me

I begin, her thoughts
She finishes, my sentences
We're perfect, like a circle
A beautiful blend, of imperfection

Her heart, speaks of the future
Mine, preaches, the here and now
The pages of tomorrow written,
only, with the ink...of today

"Make love to me," she asks
"I'll lose myself in you," I promise
Heavens snapshot, seen, through her eyes
She feels, the strength of hope, in my body

An 80's power ballad, come to life
We'll never apologize, for our love
Our crusade, "Anything is possible with God"
Indignant? Perhaps, a little rebellious?

I prefer the term, "Freedom"

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