The soul has much to say


Late night, concerto
Her heart, soul...breath
All, in one accord
Playing, my song

Kissing her so deep, so soft
Watching her, grasp the earth,
as I reach her soul...full throttle
Making love, making history

Picnics, in the rain
The taste of honey,
upon her fingertips
Laughing, for no reason at all

The wide eyes, of a child
Excitement, over a whim, fulfilled
A small voice, uttering, huge words
"I love you," spoken by babes

Medium rare, porterhouse
Blackberry zinfandel, ice cold
Key lime pie, with raspberry sauce
My mom's, pumpkin cookies

Breaking, a sweat
Passing down, skills, of yesterday
Mentoring, tomorrow's heroes
Seeing myself, in my "baseball" sons

Enfolding, an open field
Racing against, me...20 years ago
Holding my own, against the man in the mirror
I'm older, stronger and wiser

Just a few, of my favorite things
A reminder, of what makes
Always looking to improve, to grow
Expand, horizons

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