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Mama couldn't fly right
Carrying King Kong on her back,
Always chasing that Dragon or
Suffocating from plumes of crack,
She occasionally got busted by the cops,
I was born on detox,
I came out crying and thought
I would never stop,
Doctor never had to give me a whack on the back,
Baby girl was born detoxing from heroin and crack,
Living sleazy,
No denying my life hasn’t been easy,
Foster home rape,
My only viable escape...
Boosting or on the stroll,
I wasn't born sitting on a mountain of gold
Or atop of Fort Knox,
Just hoping to avoid living like daddy
In a card board box,
Thunder clapping…
I've climbed up to the bottom rung of society,
Dollar bills stuff in my G-String has
Stripped away my fear of poverty,
My bootylicious bottom has won me popularity,
The notoriety has caused me depression and anxiety,
Causing my escape from sobriety,
This ain’t who I want to be,
Seems like my life is constant drama
I looked at myself in the mirror
And saw my Mama,
I see how I came to be
Drug addicted prenatally,

I ran into a Chick that I use to know,
I began to listen to that sister‘s flow,
She was nothing like she used to be
She didn’t even believe in the Trinity,
She told me that Allah is the most Merciful,
The most Forgiving, The Most Kind…
The Provider who is The Most Bountiful,
And I need not fear poverty
Because the Best things in life are free...
She took me in and never pressured me,
For no fee she fed, clothed and housed me,
Gave me time and support until I was clean,
She took me to the Masjid and tutored me in Deen,
She asked for nothing in return
Except I pray to Allah to protect her from the fire that burns,
I changed my mind set,
I changed my ways,
I stopped the evil ways that had lead me astray,
I changed my name, my clothes and my religion,
And I am satisfied with my decision,
Five times a day I pray,
And I am clean and sober today,
From head to toe I cover, ,
And Allah has blessed me with a good brother,
All Praise is due to Allah and no other.

Habib Abu Lateef


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