The soul has much to say

Personal Psalm

My universe, enfolds the source
Every planet, imploding, at the thought
Each stride, of my existence, measured
A course charted, for you

I can feel it, in the smallest toe
The bones of my frame, whisper your name
Many look, for the rewind button, of life
Reaching you, here and now...

I'd swim, the ocean of flame...over and again

Sifting through nameless, faces
Exchanging momentary, glances
Dances, to doomed tangos
Ill fated, kisses...I'm only human

The end, justifies the means?
A lie, never so distant, from the truth
Yet, I'd eat my consequences raw,
if it meant, the resurrection of my heart

Make, no mistake
You are, my heart
In every way,
every style,

...every color

Cause and effect
When we're apart, I hurt
When we're one, I'm immortal
A black and white, declaration?

Grey areas, breed doubt...and I have none

I'm in love, with you
My unclenched fists, offer an embrace
To the weakness, the surrender,
the unrivaled power...of love

Another chance, at Heaven on earth
The gift of "again," from His merciful hand
I've accepted, His destiny, for me
And I will die, knowing...

Our bond, was unlike, any other

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Personal Psalm

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