The soul has much to say

A poem, for someone

An artist, a tender soul
She writes, her wounds
Paints her hurt, upon a canvass
...of eternity

Maybe, it's the peace
Perhaps, the taste of ambrosia
Of the many faces, of love
Which one, will be blessed look into, her eyes?

To be understood? Priceless
To be heard? A blessing, from above
"Do you, get me?" her, whisper
"I get you" my, poem

The beauty, of the Lord
Sometimes, it's reserved,
for a certain pair of eyes
The voice, of angels

Reserved...for a certain pair of ears

From across, the ocean
She shines, a beacon...shaped like a rose
In our journey, we have opportunities
To lend a hand, offer a shoulder

...or simply, listen

I'm aware, of her sorrow
She senses, mine
A badge of courage, upon our hearts
We'll live, again, someday

Our resurrection, will over spill
Flooding, these very pages
A celebration, of mending
Gods' calming, of our inner tempest

To be kissed, by truth...oh, so sweet

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A poem, for someone

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