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People call Michigan the winter wonderland
And we do have a great diversity in weather
We have had so much snow it's really bland
We've passed the record so give us a breather

I am quickly getting tired of this stuff
It's not as much fun now that I'm so old
Trying to walk about makes me huff & puff
That Arctic air in my lungs makes me cold

My wife and I are both sick with a cold
So we have to stay home and get some rest
We can't go see my granddaughter I'm told
We wanted to visit but we'll do what's best  

We'll just end up sitting around the house
We can't even go to the big super bowl party
We'll just stay home and be quiet as a mouse
Sipping our chicken soup as they party hearty

I'll stare out of my window at all the snow
And hope to soon see the first signs of summer
My wife says well it's only February you know
To which I had quickly replied what a bummer

I long for the warmth of a bright summer sun
Those smells that drift by from a south breeze
Oh how I miss all the barbecues and summer fun
Enough snow already God I hate this deep freeze

Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior - all rights reserved.

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