The soul has much to say

Some things, are better left...(A 2004 poem, re posted for a friend)

Slowly, her hand ran, across my chest
Every few moments, she'd rest, over a certain spot
Throughout the night, this dance of curiosity, continued
Throughout the night, I dreaded, the forth coming question

"You don't have mark on your body," she whispered
"Yet, I can feel a seam, where your heart's beating
I'm afraid to ask, but please tell me...
How is this possible?"

So, it began
An explanation, as long as, the Nile
With details, deeper than the ocean
I could feel the tears, cascading, down her cheek
...crashing, against me

Her tears, became hotter, with my every word
"I didn't want to tell you, about my brokenness," I said
I won't forget the words, that flowed from her lips
Her quivering, soft lips

"It wasn't your explanation, that got to me
It was with every breath, that you took,
your heart grew fuller each time
Until the seam...burst"

"That was the first time, I felt life in you," she said

Waking up the next morning, I knew she'd be gone
My answer to her question, sealed our fate
My honesty to her curiosity, closed our door
My past against her present, crushed our future

The sun, cut a swath, through my window
Light, rested upon me, like a glorified scythe
Hoping against hope, placing my hand, over my heart
The seam, electrified, my fingertips

"A brand new day, " I said

..."same old wound"

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Some things, are better left...(A 2004 poem, re posted for a friend)

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