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 Heart Songs

Where Are The Tears?

I have not been able to weep for you.
The tears are waiting, but I will
not let myself, go to them.

It is like I am afraid, if I were to
let them flow freely, I would never be able
to find a way, to stop them from falling.

You left us with so many questions.
Questions, I know I need to let go of,
for there will never be a way,
to know the true answers.

But ....
I cannot find the remote control
that would stop them from playing
within my heart.

We loved you so much, but you would
not let us be a part of you.
A phone call to tell you we loved you,
was all that we were allowed.

You took who only started out to be friend,
and it was he, who became your child.
It was we, who were left behind.

For six years, we played by your unspoken rules,
just to be assured, we would continue to
hear you say, "I Love You"

Now that you are gone,
we are left to wonder what you were told?
What you were somehow led to believe.

We listened as you praised Norman
for all he did for you.
He always seemed to care for you deeply,
at least for our eyes to see.

God help me, I believe, the one
who called you Mommy, had more in sight,
than your immediate care.

God forgive me, if I am wrong,
but we are beginning to find true,
all we knew we would one day find.

If you are able to look down upon us now,
I pray that everything has become clear to you.

No matter what you may have let yourself believe,
or what you were led to believe,
we always loved you, and we always will love you.

Why will the tears not come?
Where are the tears?

Perhaps, they will be spread over time,
as I try to find a way, to put to rest
all the questions, and be able
to grieve finally, for you,
the Mother I love.

I know we could have done no more,
but I so wish somehow, there would
have been a way, to make you see
without loosing you.

It was all about not loosing you.

It is time that each of us, find a way to
closeure, within this very sad love story.

I love you Mom.
We love you Mom.

Why do I post this for all to see?
I really don't know.

March 19, 2010

Judy Collins
Send In The Clowns

Aspiring Angel

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