Sometimes like last evening
I become afraid
Of nothing in particular
I don't know why
Is it 4 days of being alone
Is it worry over utility bills
What is it?

It's a shaking in your tummy
Like something bad is going to happen
Or a friend is going to be angry with you
Or nothing in particular
It just comes
What is it?

There's nothing to fear
No big bad monsters
Under the bed
No mean strangers
Just another evening
In a small town
With a dog clock barking
Every hour
On the hour.

So lighten up chick
There are no wolves the door
And if there were
Your dogs would fight them for you
There are no mice scattering
There are no creepy crawlies
You can overcome
So come to your senses
Turn away from fear
There are no ghosts in here
Silly girl.

1/5/2011 1305 cj

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