Mark Sinnis Lyrics

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Spent six long days working nine to nines
It’s the American way hold your hand to the fire
Hit the road for work and let the day begin
As I follow the line I just can’t take
Another mile of the New York Interstate
Just drive and drive down that endless road

As I drive faster I must confess
I wish I was on my way to Memphis
I’m just about ready for a long stray whim
Hurry up and wait I’ve got my life in tow
And the Sisters of Mercy on the radio
Then all of a sudden it appeared in front of me

It was a long black hearse and it was driving fast
Just like my life as I tried to pass
Then I got a chill inside of me
As I kept driving it got clearer and clearer
There was an undertaker in my rearview mirror
And he had his sights set on me!

Oh, all my life
All my life he’s following me

He was dressed in black and had an evil smile
And I knew then and there it would take a while
For me to try, try to lose him
Death is always knocking at my back door
Sometimes I ask myself what is it all for?
And right now it’s closer then I want or need

So as I drive fast ‘bout ninety miles an hour
Between these two cars both black and narrow
I think about my life and how much I want to live it
All of a sudden I come up on a cemetery
Off to my right with lots of people in it
And the long black hearse pulls off the road
As I look behind me the undertaker follows
I push the pedal to the floor and leave both cars of sorrow
And I see my life pass in front of me

Oh, all my life
All my life he’s following me

I’ll never again take this life for granted
Or my friends and family all the people in it
I’ll always remember, remember this day
I’ll always remember this day and the feeling of fear
Of that undertaker in my rearview mirror
Cuz death is not so far away!

Oh, all my life
All my life he’s following me