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 Family Parable (Part Six) Unexpected Delays

SALLY:  Oh my, John should have been back by now
              We need to leave for the airport in one hour
(Phone rings)
JOHN:    Sally, I am on my way, but traffic is slow
              I forgot today is the estate auction show

JOHN:    Everyone in the county is here in Bayard
              Cars parked on the street and front yards
              Please find out if our flight has any delays
              Then check traffic to find an alternate way

SALLY:   Ok, drive safe, I will be all ready to go
(Sally prays to God)
               Lord, keep John safe, You are in control
               Time is running short in catching our flight
               Guide through this situation by Your might
(Reaches Sue at airport)
SALLY:   Is flight 113 at gate 3 still on time today
SUE:        No, a medical emergency caused a delay
               Sorry, the flight is running one hour behind
SALLY:   That will work for us, thanks for your time
(Thank you, Lord, for answer to prayer)
(Calls and listens to Iowa travel report)
Travel around Bayard is at a crawl
Especially on Interstate 35 overall
Best east-west route is Highway 34
Add extra commute time than before

(John arrives home at 1:00)
SALLY:  I prayed to God for your safety
              We can still make it, don't worry
              Our flight time has a one hour delay
              Taking Highway 34 is the better way

JOHN:   Honey, you handled all of this great
             I wish I had patience like you to wait
             When I pray, it is like talking to a wall
             But God seems to answer when you call

(John puts the suitcases in the trunk and they leave)

Carol Salter 2/10/11

Next segment - Conversation on the plane


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