Without Rhyme Or Reason

Happy To Be One



Oft times we talk but never speak; thoughts deep within the heart,
We skirt around the issues; never knowing where to start,
We hold the truest secret; in fear of losing face,
And keep the memories safely in a warm and sacred place,

And caught up in the daily toil, we fill each lonely day,
With thoughts of when we meet again; rehearse the words we'll say,
A fingertip will catch the tears of joy all set to fall,
When lovers in the truest sense together seize it all,

And sitting in contentment, and happy to be one,
They wait within the silence to behold the setting sun,
Together and forever they bathe in pools of joy,
And wonder at the gift of love, that no one can destroy.

In celebration of St. Valentine's Day

Linda Stuart Harnett, ę 2011

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Happy To Be One

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