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{This is a very strong and real to life situation,
though there are no curse words or harsh language
It deals with WAR and the harshness that is WAR!!

*Adults only, unless supervised by an Adult*...
Dedicated to my military friends both living and
those that lost their lives in the line of fire to
keep this country free for you and me!}


Across these fields sharp and barren
The north wind blows a chill of reality
Soldiers huddled together in the quiet of the cold
Not a word is whispered as we observe Mother Nature at work
There are so few moments in the past five years
Where you allow yourself to lower your guard long enough;
To notice how blue the moonlight is,
As nature casts her shadows across the weary battle fields
We wait, and then,
There o're the knoll it appears in an eerie slow motion crawl
Advancing over the dark fields in a fluid-roll
I imagine the grandest of all Ballrooms
Lit in moonlight blue
Here come the Soldiers, men and women of the Court
Dressed in the finest of white satin uniforms
They file in and a persuasion marches up over the rise
Spreading out end to end going right and going left
Until one single line has formed in the distance
A Calvary of soldiers in white marching into the fray
Shoulder to shoulder advancing ore the fields
It's amazing what your mind can imagine
The advancing fog rolling and rolling until it meets our feet
You watch it encircle your feet then snake up to the knees
I feel the chill over my body as I blow air from my mouth
We all notice how our breath slowly forms in front of us
Then I shiver, and I shake the whole image from my mind
Back to reality, something that isn't very hard to do
The night is ending and the chilly air subsides
Mother Nature is peeling the night away
And at the very same time she awakens the dawn
I close my eyes for a second to nap the night from my mind
After all, things have been quiet for the most
Then I hear;
I hear myself singing the words,
"Coming for to carry me home"

There before me stands a Golden Angel who adds;
"Upon these celestial wings
I will take you back home to the land of your birth
Across the majestic mountains of the Seven Sisters
Over the valleys rich in green Lemon Grass
And finally to the Grand Banks of the Crystal Sea
Where sounds of crashing waves and the birds that nest on the cliffs
Echoing in a thunderous retreat, called Home!"

I pray:
I want to go home, dear Lord!
I am so tired of fighting these battles
That I can no longer win, I am giving them to you now!
As I should have a long time ago
The enemy always seems to be at my back
Gaining on me day by day
I am through pretending Lord
That I am still that strong and brave soldier
Who fought amongst true Heroes
Conquering the enemy and savoring the day
Each marching bravely into the fray
Each and every soldier here is better than I
How many times have I fallen by the wayside?
I pick myself up, scared of what I hear lying beside me.
And it has strangled that innocent little farm boy that I use to be.
He has been scared to Death!


The Angel in front of me raises his arm, pointing to the sky
There in the moonlit night sky appears what looks like a star
But this star is getting larger by the seconds
The sky lights up in a purple haze laced in fire
There is a whistling sound that is far too loud for comfort



"What is THAT?"..."LOOK OUT!"..."OH MY GOD!!!!"


"What in the Hell was that?"...
"Look at the sky, it's red as blood"
"Everything is gone"..."OH MY GOD!!!"..."Sweet, Sweet Jesus"
"Someone pushed that damn button and dropped the BOMB!"


"OK, Listen up you guys, LISTEN, DAMN IT, LISTEN!"
"Do you hear that, Listen?"
We walked out amongst the carnage and blood,
In and around the bodies in search of this lone voice
It was such a weak sound.
I had to rest for a second, I sat down, then I heard the voice again
I went to get up, I must have gotten banged up...
I heard the voice once more..
"Help me, Please, someone help me, it hurts; It burns"
Somehow I got to my knees with the help of my rifle
Getting to my feet, I tried to lay my weapon down
But it's as if it's glued to my hand.
The fingers are frozen and I can't get them to move at all
Finally I dropped my weapon.
Something we are trained never to ever do!
At that moment it just didn't matter, it didn't matter at all!
That's when I felt a hand grab my boot.
I looked down and there was a very young looking soldier.
He looked up at me saying,
"Help me, Help Me!!"
I go to pick up this frightened young soldier in pain,
His face was full of dirt and blood
I dropped to my knees and poured water on a rag I had
I wiped away what I could, he was so youthful looking
Lifting him, his helmet fell to the ground
As I tried to sit him up
That's when all this blond hair fell over my arms
He is a she and looked to young to be a soldier, but I know better.
I said to her,
"Hold onto my arms, your going to be OK!"
Nodding her head yes,
She was in shock and repeating,
I went to move her up just a little more when,
She let out a horrific SCREAM!!!
Screaming to the top of her lungs
I moved my right arm around her waist
So to cradle her and to make her more comfortable...
That's when GOD AND I HAD AN ISSUE with each other!
I raised my head to the Heavens
Let out an Ungodly Scream,
I thought I was going to vomit,
Terror filled my insides, I couldn't breathe
I thought my head was going to explode
I felt fire burning in my head and my throat!
A terror I have never known in my entire life was before ME!
There in my arms and up a against my body
Was the top half of this beautiful soldier
Her intestines, still hooked to the bottom half,
Hot steam and bubbling bloody bowels
Blood flowed onto my lap and the snake-like organs
Were literately moving in a pile on my lap
Crawling up and over one another
We were frozen in an eye to eye contact with each other;
I in TERROR and she in PAIN and CONFUSION!

(my mind was in total, unbelievable horror, how do I deal with this?)

Things changed in an instant
When the entire smell hit me!
It was like when you were a kid and you licked a penny
Well that's what the fluids and blood and intestines smelled like
All I was holding in my cradled arms was her torso
Her bottoms half was attached by her large intestine.
How? My God she was still alive, it had to be intervention?
She pulled me on my shirt with all her might
I have to be honest right now and God forgive me
But I wanted to throw her off of me
Run like hell screaming my head off
But I would never do that to a fellow soldier
I cowboy-ed myself,
Leaned over to listen to what she desperately had to say to me...
This had to be a nightmare I couldn't wake from...

"Listen to me, I am Heather Montclair of Mount Hood, Oregon
Please, [she started to cry] Please tell my mother that I love her
And tell my daughter, Jesse,
That her mommy loves her as wide as the world is round."
She pulled on my shirt saying;
"Please it's important or, Jesse won't believe it's me
Her plea was heartbreaking to say the least.
"Of course I will, I promise!", as the tears rolled from my eyes.
Heather stretched her arms out as wide as she could
Using the last of what breath she had in her...
Slowly I leaned forward between her weakening arms
That now set on my shoulders, she strained to say every word
She gulped for another breath and I saw her eyes telegraph to me,
[I am dying and I can't hold on any longer]
"Tell my little girl, Mommy loves her this much and then"
As she slowly buried her head into my chest,
Finished whispering the word,
She just went limp, and glassy eyed.


I pulled her close to me,
I then took her Dog-tags from around her neck
Then I wiped her dirty little face clean.
I whispered in her ear, the best I could
Because I was choking to catch my breath for I could hardly breathe.
As the tears ran from my eyes and nose was watering
Amongst the muck and blood and guts, I could hardly speak;
"I as the...Sun will rise...
Your message... will be de...livered...!"
I don't know how long I sat there holding Heather in my arms,
Rocking back and forth, maybe I was in shock from it all?


Looking at the HELL all around us,
I wondered,
Why two or three soldier's and myself lived through the bombing?
The sky was the deepest of RED and the earth,
Was dark and a rotted Bog-like scenery.
There was a sulfuritic smell throughout the air and surroundings
The ground steamed like the floor of a volcano
The three of us turned to look at the figure laughing
There, standing on a knoll a mile away or so...
I saw the figure in silhouette of
The steam made a hissing and the burnt trees crackling of fire
You could here DEATH laughing
As the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse rode the sky!
As I rocked her I remembered that quite a few,
"I PROMISE Yous" I repeated, and repeated...
It was as I was the soldier on his knees
Holding the body of another soldier on the field of battle,
I was singing as I rocked this child of God...
"A Soldier Sings a Song of Zion"


Yes, someone put their finger on the trigger
And the world went up in smoke!
It doesn't matter Who? Where? Why?

"That day I held several soldier's in my arms until their last moments.
These were men and women who saw life as it is
Yet they died despairing
There were no gallant last words
Just confusion in their eyes
Whimpering the question,
W H Y ?
I don't think they were asking why they were dying,
But why they had even lived?
When life it's self seems lunatic, who knows where madness lies?
Too much sanity may be madness!
To seek treasure where there is only trash, may be madness!
Perhaps to be practical is madness!
The Maddest of ALL,

by Richard Lee Cook
Copyright 2011

A special:
I borrowed a few lines from the Broadway musical, "Man of LaMancha"
For the dramatic mixing when death faces each one of us, now or then...

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