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 Family Parable (Part Eight) Meeting with the doctors

(Sally Reaches Jane at the hospital phone number)

JANE:      Lyndon B Johnson Hospital trauma care
SALLY:   Our son, Tom Smith, is a patient there
JANE:      Yes, he is currently in room 516, ICU
SALLY:   Thanks, could I get directions there too

SALLY:   Our flight just arrived at the airport
               (Writes down the info as she reports)
JANE:      Be sure to check in at the nurse's station
               For paperwork and insurance information

(Arriving at the hospital and up to the 5th floor)

JOHN:    There is the nurse's station over there
              We are the Smiths, our son Tom is here
NURSE:  Please fill out the medical history forms
              With insurance for coverage to confirm

(Return completed paperwork to the desk)

NURSE:  The doctor would like to meet with you
               I know you are anxious to see your son too
               I can page him now if you have some time
JOHN:     Yes and thank you, that would be fine

(The wait seems so long)

JOHN:    I am scared, what if he has to live in pain
             Tom may never be the same person again
SALLY:  I know, but let's try to not think the worst
JOHN:    You're right, sorry for my little outburst

DOCTORS:  Hi, I am Dr. Nee and my assistant Dr. Bleu
                    You are Tom's parents, great to meet you
                    Tom's condition is critical, but he is stable
                    Physically, he is athletic and very capable

JOHN:       How long before we know more his condition
DR. NEE:  There is brain swelling needing an operation
                 We would drain the fluid and relieve pressure
                 Any surgery has risks in at least some measure

DR. BLEU:  This hospital is known for its trauma care
                   You are fortunate your son was brought here
                   Dr. Nee is one of the top surgeons in his field
                   Highly recommended in precision and skill

SALLY:     How soon could you schedule his surgery
DR. NEE:   I have to confirm, but I would say Monday
                 Tom is in a coma now, just so you are aware
                 Medically-induced for his protective care

JOHN:        Is it okay if we go and see Tom right now
DR NEE:    Yes, please make it brief and short anyhow
SALLY:     Thank you both so very much for your time
DR. NEE:   Here is my card, feel free to call me anytime

Carol Salter 2/14/11

Next segment Visiting Tom and Conversation

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