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Today is the beginning of what to do before I close the book
Travel far away without any contact, maybe to start anew,
Pack up, throw out, give away and discard as unwanted trash
Precious memories placed with care in hope of planting them again

Today the pain comes easily to mind; confusion taps on my shoulder
Covered by the mask of tragedy, exit stage left the comedy fades
As though all hope is gone, my backdrop are teardrops from my eyes
Clouding my sight for my mind is one dark alley at my stage door

The hurt is so painful to bear as if I can't go on any longer
I'm lost in a world that doesn't spin, I'm a lone in this world
It has been month since you past on, My heart aches
I just can't bear this any longer for I'm drained of this world

Maybe if I lay down to sleep, all my troubles will cease
Hurt grows rapidly and gives nothing in its place
There is a sound from the door, opening slowly
A wisp of a dark feeling cold air, chilling and haunting is felt

I stare at first, rubbing my tear soaked eyes
I jump from the bed, hurrying to force him out
"SHUT THE DOOR", my mind shouted, but He enters
Deadly calm it was, He is tall and demanding in form

In a strong commanding voice, from a hallowed face
"GIVE ME", was heard, "I WANT YOU", in craving manner
His hand of long eerie fingers, pale blue and icy cold, touches mine
Feelings, dreams, soul are totally released to his draining touch

With my eyes begging, "Take NO more", He releases his touch
I slowly drop to the floor, like the slow melting of wax
It was chilling and harsh looking up at this tall figure
Now, no longer did he give off that dark deadly feeling

Something had changed in an instance with this man before me
He is very lean with dark feeling-less eyes, such a beautiful blue
His grasp is calm as my emotions exit a now relaxed body
Everything is falling into place, my understanding of what is

This Entity heard my cries and granted me what no other would
Everything within me is draining, pain, agony, hurt, sorrow
It speeds up, then faster, to fast for me, I say, "WAIT!
Let these eyes see its last of love, Maybe what could have been

Everyone, everything around me, did I do right by them, myself
How, could I have changed the past, if I had the chance to do so
With a wave across my face, I now am looking at what was
I'm standing on the outside looking in, We are sitting in the park

It was the day that changed all our lives, for the good or the bad
Bonnie and I talked to each other for the first time in a long one
I asked if she was happy, it was that important for me to know
After all we had gone through, neither of us knew what it meant

She look at me, "Yes, I'm happy, let me share some news"
She giggled, beamed and glowed, "I'm going to have a baby"
That was the greatest moments I had ever shared with my sister
Suddenly all this was fading right before me, I turn to him

Everything faded into blueness, I turned to him, Then I realized
He granted what I asked for, To have my eyes see the last of love
Bonnie was on her way home from work and in a flash of light
My sister was killed and so was I.

But pain and hurt of my lifetime was destiny, I look at him and say
"Give me a moment to remember what was good for me," He looks
Into my misty eyes with a red sunset glow and says nothing
Gently he tightens his strong hand on my shoulder and nods, Go On

Remembrance comes quickly, what you love, It's always there to tap
Her beauty, strong mind was as honey-beige thoughts are sweet
She was everything precious, young and so alive with blue-jean tears
My eyes tear up again as I view these memories of a brother and sister
My mind travels, I see that it holds many loving memories
In the misty blue dark, I see a figure of a small child
As I get closer, the mist clears, Yes it's CODI, I call out to him
A delightful boy, manners were before his time, so mature

I hold him in my arms, so many tender moments we shared
"I love you", came so easily for this father to say to his son
It's said, children are to bury the parents, not the other way around
It has ripped my heart out and now he is before me, smiling sweetly

Codi is disappearing into the dark blue mist, Wait, please........
Just then I feel a cold hand on my shoulder no need turning to see
Suddenly I cry out loud, "G O D ! ! ! , I need strength, hope and
Assurance that this is right for me, am I doing the right thing for me"

From these eyes and down this face, the river rage has soaked my lap
I weaken and become sick, The pain is to much, I wish to rest
He holds me with caring arms that I needed for a long long time
I hold on to him with all the strength in my shell, Moments pass by

I raise my head with the knowledge of knowing this is good for me
We gaze at one another, locked in understanding, If he beacons
I am his forever! The decision comes without reservations
Closer, he reaches for my hand as he did once before

I slowly reach out to take his cold blue wisp of airs hand in mine
I ask him, "Will I be with those I love" The blue becomes bright
I see myself withering like a flower from lack of moisture
I hold on to him, never knowing his name, But it never really mattered

Dark and cold was his touch, now it's the brightest of blues
There is the brightest white light before me, I see figures ahead
I walk beside him with the feeling of a new beginning
My memories of the past are left behind, we walk step to step

The dark blue wisp changes ever so slow, I look back at what was
To see if it would have been nice to try once more, but I was alone
I was lost and had to many dreams that were taken from me
This is right for me, so now I see sunshine in the distance and it is good

Maybe my place in the sun will be better, There is silence about me
It's time for a restful sleep, a long peaceful, silence rest for me
So calm, quiet, peaceful falling deep, deep into a Deep Blue Sleep.................


by Richard Lee Cook
Copyright 2011

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