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 Family Parable (Part Ten) Operation and Doctor's Report

(Monday morning - Tom's surgery)
DR. NEE:    We will be taking Tom for surgery soon
                   He should be back in his room by noon
                   After the procedure, I will meet with you
                   Discuss his prognosis, answer questions too

JOHN and SALLY:  Thank you, Dr. Nee

SALLY:   Let's go to the hospital chapel and pray
               We will have more privacy that way
JOHN:     I will tell the lady at the waiting room desk
               So they know where to find us, just in case

(In the hospital chapel)
SALLY:   (Notices a hymn book with a page marked
                The words of the song speak to her heart)
                Honey, listen to the words of this song
                Through our trials, God makes us strong

Through It All Lyrics by Andrae Crouch

Verse 1:
I've Had Many Tears And Sorrows,
I've Had Questions For Tomorrow,
There's Been Times I Didn't Know Right From Wrong.
But In Every Situation,
God Gave Me Blessed Consolation,
That My Trials Come To Only Make Me Strong.

Through It All,
Through It All,
I've Learned To Trust In Jesus,
I've Learned To Trust In God.

Through It All,
Through It All,
I've Learned To Depend Upon His Word

JOHN:   Dear God, thank You for drawing me to Yourself
             You kept on seeking me, revealing my sinful self
             Through this trial with Tom, You caused me to see
             That I needed You in my life so I could be set free

SALLY:    Guide the doctor's hands to bring about healing
                Whatever the outcome, we trust in Your leading
                Tom/s future is uncertain, but You are always there
                Strengthening our faith daily by Your loving care

(They go back to the waiting room and see Dr. Nee)
DR. NEE:    Draining the brain fluid was a success
                   There is another issue I need to address
                   Something we observed from the start
                   Surgery further confirmed it on our part

JOHN:        Whatever it is, God will carry us through
DR. NEE:    I have witnessed your faith in action too
                   Sensors controlling arm and leg movement
                   Are partially damaged causing impairment

SALLY:      Are you saying Tom may not walk again
DR. NEE:    Undamaged areas can still be retrained
                   Tom needs six months of rehabilitation
                   Before we can determine his limitations

JOHN:         Do you think Tom will ever play basketball
DR. NEE:    It is best to take one step at a time above all
                   Half of Tom's battle is a psychological one
                   His hard work will determine what gets done

SALLY:      You  can count on us to support him all the way
                   It may not be easy, including many difficult days
JOHN:        God spared Tom's life for a very special reason
                  He will not let us down through this tough season

Carol Salter 2/19/11

Next segment:  Tom's reaction

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