once upon a time


A mind like a solar system can be understood by a few.
The world can see what ya tell them, but is it the real you?
Always being what you want them to see,
You’re as sick as your secrets, that’s what they tell me.

Beautiful girl, with a lovely heart.
Sometimes the mind can tear that apart.
Living as best as GOD, wants me to be.
But unanswered troubles can always haunt me.
To be content and serene not a lot to seek.
Head troubles take over and a little pain can leak.

Live without hurting and always be there.
Don’t hold on to troubles, they’re better to share.
A child God made and in a unique way.
Not always perfect, but trying not to stray.

Be the best you can be and that’s how i go.
People who I love, the real me, they know.
Don’t try to understand me, just love me they say.
Thank God for this statement , I like it that way.

By michelle

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