The Island of Death

                                  The Island of Death          Feb 25, 2010

Silent cries cry's before they died, parents prayed with grief
Why did this happen in our land, my God a foreign thief
Our only chance was the ship of death, a choice it was not there
Leave our home all alone or splash the holy water
We left our land cap in hand, I no longer have my daughter
We packed our clothes we had nothing else
We faced our plight together
We left at night under under the Irish moonlight
With no money or place to live
Our only change was to live again
We cried and prayed amen
The rosary was sung on that ship of death
We prayed in fear, we prayed for life
We struggled together to live
We counted the dead and shook our head
My father was on the list
Our trip was over, we dug our graves
We cried as we said goodbye
On the island of death we looked to the future
We're Irish and free, yes you and me

         Gerrard McGeachy

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