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ameriKKKa, ameriKKKa,
O, say can you see,
Moral dignity has been withheld from thee,
And is manifest in how you failed the test
When given authority,
Unrepentantly you boast...
About the orphans and widows you have made
As you have murdered your way from coast to coast,
How, does one maintain sanity
In an insane world?
A campaign of awe and shock
Since the day you crashed into Plymouth Rock,
For the people already here,
Not caring...
Arrogantly declaring,
It is our god given right to starve off,
Fight and kill and do as we will,
The mother land of Africa we will spoil
As we force her children to toil,
For no pay,
After all, OUR FREEDOM has given them a free place to stay,
It is our burden to establish rule over the Red Savage,
These virgin lands are ours to ravished,
With blood lust and delight,
We'll pursue with pomp and military might ,
And General Custer will lead us in our fight...
Yellow Hairs troops were no match,
And soon were dispatched,
The pale faces had no means of retreat ,
The 7th Calvary got beat,
Easily going down in defeat,
Not a single man got out alive,
They could no longer respond to
The bugler's call to muster,
Too bad for the teary blue eyed Custer,
O say can you see,
What appears to be,
A near naked boy nailed to a Lower case "T,"
None but him to mourn
The events that took place at The Little Big Horn,
As buzzards and crows swept down
Eating white meat by the pound,
Soaring away thirsting for water
Custer regrets having followed that last order.
Xristian democracy,
Xristian hypocrisy,
African and Red Man have both been splattered by
The bloody afterbirth of this nation
That the Founding Frauds labeled ...
An ameriKKKan capitalistic democracy,
How, does one maintain sanity
In an insane world?
Back then, evil men stood and lied
Through their stained yellow teeth,
Making treaties that they would break
Before taking their seats,
Today, evil men lie through their bleached white teeth
As they gorge themselves with champagne and pigs feet,
Denying their hypocrisy,
As they regurgitate pompous lies in a vain attempt
To deify a historical pack of lies labeled...
O say can you see,
Or have you been mesmerized by the devil's chicanery,
His wholesale use of bigotry,
Blinded by the smoke and mirrors,
Wanting to immigrate to be nearer
Statues and monument of hypocrisy,
Bound for hell,
Hypocrisy has cracked the bell
Rang to sound their LIBERTY,
Their delusion of white supremacy,
Their white sheeted delusional air of superiority,
O, say can you see,
Freedom denied ,
Where disembodied heads upon Mount Rushmore lie,
Gold found in Dakota,
The sacred Burial Lands of the Lakota...
Lokota Sioux ,
Chief Crazy Horse... We still love you,
Your bravery will live on
In the minds of all who seek liberty,
White man speaks with forked tongue is true,
When fighting in the cause of what is right,
It's always a good time to die,
Fight, die and kill
Forge ahead with an iron will,
So our children's children will not be born into slavery and sorrow,
Fight today for a brighter tomorrow,

Habib Abu Lateef

© 2011

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