The soul has much to say

Loss and gain


Never, lost a fight
Denied the pleasure, of tasting my own blood
Not one bone, of mine, come undone
Upon my flesh, nary, a bruise

There's a stronghold, guarding my heart
My eyes, are sensitive to deception
The soul of me, fashioned by His hands
God keeps my dreams, under lock and key

Undefeated, untouched...unbound
Tunnel vision, is that of my spirit
Surrender, must be wonderful
Yet, I can't afford to embrace love

...with a shelf-life

Then, I see her
My mind, the first domino to fall
Thoughts, of a midnight rendezvous, bloom
My strength, and soon my will, betrays me

She looks at me, from afar
Exquisite arrows, sensuous darts are lining up
My inner man, has a bulls eye, on his chest
Resisting her, requires an effort...beyond human

She brings her lips, within a heartbeat of mine
Her hesitation, lasts for an eternity
A kiss, piercing, my shield of fantasy
My evolution...a living, inferno

I am, conquered

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Loss and gain

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