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 Family Parable (Part Eleven) Tom's Reaction

(Tom wakes up)
TOM:        Mom, Dad, where on earth am I
                 What has happened to me and why
JOHN:       You're in the hospital from an injury
                 Fell and hit your head at the fraternity party

SALLY:     Don't be afraid, son, we are right here
                 God spared your life, by His loving care
                 Your arms and legs have some limitations                
                 The doctor wants you to start rehabilitation
TOM:        If God is really all you claim Him to be
                 Then why can't He just magically fix me
                 Go away and leave me alone, I want to die
                 I will never get better, it is all just a big lie

JOHN:       Son, we love you very much and trust Dr. Nee
                 I now have faith in God and He is changing me
                 Please don't give up before you even try therapy
                 It will be hard, take it step by step, wait and see

TOM:        Basketball was my whole life and dream
                 What if it is now over as it would seem
                 After the construction accident of Matt
                 I could be permanently injured like that

SALLY:     Our finite minds cannot understand God's ways
                 We have His promise that He is with us always
(prays)       Lord, Tom is angry and facing issues of denial
                 Help him see he can trust You through this trial

TOM:       I want to believe in God like you, Mom and Dad
                But how can He accept me when I have been so bad
                I remember before that night, I had horrible dreams
                I sensed tragedy there, denying what it could mean

TOM:       I should have listened to the voice of my conscience
                But instead I made a stupid choice just like a dunce
                Will God even forgive me for what I have done
                How can therapy help make the damage undone

JOHN:      At first, I blamed myself when you called Wed. night
                I should have listened, sensing you were not alright
                Your Mom said to take all my fears to God in prayer
                He answered by calling me to put my faith in Him there

TOM:       Thanks, Dad and I am sorry I was not honest with you
                Would you explain how I can have faith in God, too
JOHN:     (Shares with Tom everything Sally had said on Saturday
                Tom prays and asks Jesus to come into his life that day)

(Tom's attitude is completely changed when rehab starts the next week)

Carol Salter 2/22/11
(Revised 3/3/11)

Next segment Rehabilitation and going home

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