The soul has much to say

Message in a bottle


The sun and moon
Celestial games, of the eternal
Hide and go seek
Still, the words, refuse to appear

Small dots, crown the page
A cluster of dark stars, an alabaster sky
Ink drops, points of failure
Trying to create, resurrect...anything

Immortal icon, the morning light
Piercing the heart, of a bottle
Keeper, of a wish
The ark, of my affection

Hoping to send, my voice
24 hours...still void of words
Empty the heart, upon a virgin scroll
God's, watching me

He whispers, words of wisdom

Standing on the worlds' edge
Surveying the deep, prayers for a fateful shore
Holding my hope, against the day star
The heavenly prism, its sanctified cargo

"God, bless, this throw"

Innumerable, waves
Hands of aqua, passing along, my dreams
My messenger, of 20,000 leagues
The plea of my soul, kissing the Atlantic

Will she, understand, my message?

Will she, wear...the ring?

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Message in a bottle

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