Donegal is with you

Donegal  is with you   February 23, 2011

With Derry close and Belfast near, Donegal with watchful eye
In Donegal we watch our country that you can't deny
We are with our peoples struggle, I think we all know why
We are an Irish Nation, test us, look us eye to eye
Irish unity, that's what we want, nothing less will do
We'll walk the talk in our the country, united Ireland's on the way
That's the way, the only way, we're Irish and we'll make sure
We'll raise the flag of our country, a Nation Once Again
We love our Irish nation with changes on the way
We stand together in Ireland, we'll sing the Soldiers Song
The words of our nation cannot be wrong
Stand up for our country, sing an Irish Song

Gerrard Mc Geachy

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