once upon a time 

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Explain his plan, go on, explain.
I can’t, why not, I don’t understand God.
Then how do you figger he’s got a plan.
Look around, bunch of no good charlatans
Hoping this God, or that Gods got a plan.

One that you don’t understand, yes, okay, okay
I’ll walk your road, just a little bit see
What happens, tell you what hear my plan.
Maybe this God guy ain't got a plan.
This god that you don’t understand huh
we’ll walk along; say nothing, it’s a big land.
Let’s hope he jumps out, and says okay here’s the plan.
Its one you don’t need to understand.

Lets call all that happens 'acceptable', and here is
The crux of the plan, all you do is accept
Where you are at this moment in time is,
Exactly were you are supposed to be:- Sounds
Dumb to me, but then who am I to understanding 
You’re this god bloke’s friend, and hedge
My bets here, we'll call it your plan alright.

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