The soul has much to say

Dawning of a kiss


An avalanche, of tenderness
Branding her neckline, soft kisses
Her breathing, a broken pattern of ecstasy
Pure, surrender

Touching my lips, her fingertips
Cotton candy, confectionery flesh
Wanting to eat her, alive
Must savor, every inch

The art of seduction
Tracing her curves, her core
Cheekbone, throat...shoulders
A buffet, of the highest order

My senses grow, impatient
Feeling her blood, rushing beneath my touch
Impending, satisfaction
A sensual, body, my soul

Exquisite, torture
My hands, lay claim to her hips
Brushing back, her crown
Pouring like whispers, through my fingers

Bathing her earlobe, heated breath
Her skin, rising like the dawn
Reality, unraveled
She craves, more

Explosive, ambition
Her mouth opens, searching for mine

Devious, delay
Unfair, intention
Eternal, ache

There's nothing like...a good morning, kiss

Billy Preston & Syreeta 1979 With You I'm Born... by KOUJI328

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Dawning of a kiss

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