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Wrongness of the Right

The swells of fundamentalists
are going to their revivals.
The pious are amassing
three times a week,
claiming its our last stand-
its humanity's survival.
Little lemmings cutting their teeth
on tales of the end of the world.
Sooth-saying, speaking in tongues...
I ought to change my outlook
to grey and bleak.
They believe I am weak...
and have no chance.
Yet lying here still...
my heart pounding deep in my chest,
my head somewhere high in the sky
night thoughts are surrounding me.
The world is a vise grip of lies.
Better to be wise.
Smoke and mirrors,
are a mad magician's prestige.
Allegiance and the truth
are paid for with blood commerce and greed.
They, so busily a-buzzing,
are diverting our attentions
away from the truth,
away from their dishonesty and misdeeds.
Making it difficult to sift the diamonds
of truth from underneath...to ferret out
their very blackened seeds.
This is not my America.
This is not my city,
nor the country of my youth.
This is not the world I thought I knew.
Reality is a thousand miles, a millennia away,
My heart is plagued by malaise.
Wish this brand of holiness was just a passing phase.
My mind threatens to loose its connection with my heart.
I look harder with eyes that must look and tear apart...
and I can't sit mute,
but speak from what's welling up inside.
This is no conspiracy theory,
I think this ones for real, no lie.
The media-the government-the company men
cannot discern paid lip service from the offal
greasing the wheels.
Destroyers, greed-grabbers,
high on power, bent over by their own sweat-stinking zeal.
Thinking they've got all the keys
but we're not their kingdom.
They cannot take if we do not give.
They want us and all the world to succomb,
but we must prove we can live.
And most of all, live without them.
The kingdom of God is within you,
not living on at some revival.
And this is what they are not counting on.
They do not praise individualism.
Nor do they want our survival.
They want us lined up, and resigned to,
have brand loyalty to their special misery.
Little lemmings always in line.
Little lemmings, whose piety reveals false self-pride.
The ticket to paradise may seem punched,
but can never be bought.
In this life, there are no guarantees.
Oh there may be a direct catch, but indeed there's no release.
Maybe God is coming.
Maybe, God is already here.
It is not for lemmings to decide for us.
Nor for the lemmings to spread their
mayonnaise slick of fear.
Yet they wield their little knives and
keep on spreading...
telling us with great certainty where
this world and all of us are heading.
They have their bloody commerce
and they wage their bloody dirty wars.
They keep company with the words "righteousness"
and "justification"
and with these weapons of mass destruction
they attempt to destroy.
All you conservative fundamentalists
with your business and pugilist degrees...
You shall never inherit the earth.
You do not know what IT is worth.
The kingdom of God is
and always shall be
within us.
You waster of time and humanity.
You can never succeed.

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All Rights Reserved
Copyrighted Material by Melissa A Howells
Meloo / Tilt-a-World
written on February 25th, 2011
revised June 22nd, 2011
revised November 4, 2012

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Wrongness of the Right



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