The soul has much to say

In His time

Come, closer
Remove, the cloak of doubt
Unlace, your fears
Bathe in my thoughts, my passions

Don't mistake weakness, for surrender
You're stronger, than you know
We're not, giving in
We're choosing, to live

Letters, of devotion
Penned pledges, ancient notions
We speak of love
Now, the moment...has arrived

You come into focus
Every word, shared, written upon my heart
You're the embodiment, of my first tear
An angel strolling, across a cloud

The closer you get, your eyes, continue to rise
You've forgotten, my stature
Touching, your face
Caressing, the dawn

Two roses
One, black
One, white
Touching them, to your lips

Petals, upon petals

Symbols of our power, our nature
Black...a shroud, for sensuous endeavors
White...a blinding force, as we become one
The scent makes me, crazy

Each meaning, has me believing

Picking you up, in my arms
Walking, into tomorrow
The prophecy, fulfilled
Two souls, halved by design

Mended, His time

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In His time

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