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Only his family and brothers warriors care
Now that the end is approaching for himself
Morphine is the only way to ease his pain

A small pump that is used by him when needed
Injecting small doses of morphine into himself
It dulls the excruciating pain he now suffers

Does anyone remember that youthful warrior
Who fought for the freedom of South Vietnam  
And who had protected his brothers in arms

He had done all that he could to help others
Despite the lack of support for a noble cause
He knew his duty and believed it was honorable

Now the years have passed by us all so quickly
And he and his brothers now suffer quietly
From the after effects of that chemical spray

This deadly and debilitating chemical used
So many decades ago during that jungle war
Supposedly to kill off the jungle vegetation

Which the enemy used to their own advantage
Hiding unseen by day and striking us at night
Firing off rockets and mortars while hidden

These areas were sprayed with Agent Orange
A foggy sticky mist raining down from planes
It quickly killed off the jungle vegetations

And soon these dense jungles became barren
Becoming more like the surface of the moon  
Than a densely overgrown jungle it once was

It seemed like a blessing to all us warriors
But years later we would face the realities
That this sprayed mist was far more deadly

Now many of our brother warriors are dying
While thousands of others are being crippled
Suffering many disease from their exposures

Today I heard that our brother needs prayers
As he only has a short amount of time left
His doctors say there is nothing they can do

So he is in hospice care now to ease his pain
And his family and his warrior brothers pray
Looking for this miracle they hope will come

He said he is ready to go when God takes him
He has no regrets for having served his nation
Or for having fought to give to others freedom

Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior - all rights reserved.

Please pray in a manner of your own choosing or your
beliefs for our brother now in hospice care awaiting
bravely for his fate he knows will soon come and for
God to take him home to heaven. He was a brave man in
his youth fighting for freedom and he is a brave man
now as well awaiting his fate with his family and his
brother warriors from his younger days. I've left out
his name for his family's privacy, but God will know
for whom you are praying for with this request.


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