Always a pleasure,

Never a dull moment,

Yesterday pass quickly,

Into a month, then to a year,

Like a rose drifted away from its vase.

On the road of souvenirs,

the only place where we can get in touch.

There I get my ecstasy.

I have the excuse to be gullible.

The green light to see life in just black and white,

In the mirage, I see the old avocado tree.

I reach out to grab one,

and then stumble back to my adulthood. Merdum!!!

The sound of the carousel,

shifts me back to euphoria-

The land of no cross road.

Life is immaculately live dangerously.

No reason to think of doom day,

because it’s many years away,

as I gaze upon the sky,

suddenly, the mirage reappears.

Seeing the old house stands.

Grand-Mama is making sweet potato pie;

the allowance is on the table.

Sneaking in through the back door to join the crowds,

oh, my heart beats so hard.

The unstoppable boom-boom, boom-boom,

the swiftness of the blood flow,

swell up the joy of a perpetual reminiscence.

© 2009 by Patricia, Etienne


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