Life In My Eyes

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In To Deep

Why fall in love when you can stand in it, make yourself less vulnerable to a sentiment that may be fake, otherwise impermanent like our time in this world. An outlandish feeling it is but flaws we give'th and in search, love is mended into Lust.
Not seen for what it is,
"A Gift"
Making our reality a deception,
"Make Believe"
And as na´ve bystanders we perceive this figment for what it's not
Weeping we sit to their repeated mistakes
Ruminating the good times you forgive what's wrong
Clustered emotions, you become sprung and simple minded to what's real
Incriminating yourself, you wring your mind with guilt as if your existence isn't enough, as if you're an error
"Self- condemnation"
The right words are said to you, an apology you give, all is good, all is well
Pitiful moments as they Deja Vue through time with a smirk
Incoherent to your heart's begging, you're a puppet in their hands
Might as well close your eyes permanently
Free fallin' to a foreshadowed future with no parachute
Or while we're standing, open and look
Step back and think
Clear your mind and let it sink
Amazing right!
Tired of standing,let's take a walk
Stop pondering about the "What If's"
Listen to my words
You've never been alone
A defeated smile
Reach out, ill grab you
Ill Love You
"Promise Thee"


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