Life In My Eyes

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So Real But Surreal

I awake to the tickle of her breath against my neck,
Her breast against my chest
As my pec pillars her lustrous hand and our legs intertwine like destiny that we are.
I look at her, lifeless she lays but at peace she is,
Through her beauty life speaks
Through her touch my love kneels
Sculpted by thee father, an angel she stands,
Her aura makes my body weak and a simple graze leaves me static,
Her very presence commands my heart's attention.
Unique she is as i awake her with a kiss.
Elegant she is as she opens her eyes with a smile
And to her the sun rises with a smirk.
Love presents itself as the curtains encloses,
The taste of her lips abrades my tongue and love seeks to be cherished.
In darkness we fondled, but as our bodies dandled the sensation burnish the dark
And to light love was made
And to a dream I awake.

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