Straight To The Heart

Viewing Heaven With Momma

In Memory of Darlene Meredith

I walked up to the gates of Heaven
they were as big as my eyes could behold
They opened to a street that would greet me
that was made of purest gold

I walked through the gates of the city
and the sights were too many to see
Then I looked and there was Momma
she was waiting in Heaven for me

She put her arms around me
and welcomed me safely home
Then she said, “Let's go meet Jesus.”
and she took me straight to God's throne

We knelt at the feet of our Savior
and I'll tell you, “Oh, what a thrill.”
As I knelt there before Jesus
no more sickness or pain did I feel

Then Momma took me to see all the family
what a reunion we'll have on that hill
I'm thankful for my salvation
and thankful for God's precious will

I have just begun this journey
touring the city of gold
And viewing Heaven with Momma
is more beautiful than all we were told!

© March 1, 2011 Sherri Lynn Whittaker

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Viewing Heaven With Momma

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