The soul has much to say

One a time


I waited, and waited
Hopeful, phone call
Not the one, I'd expected
The past, revisited

Deep, sultry voice
A well, of wishes
Filling in, the blanks
Cliffs notes, about yesterday

God is beyond, amazing
Longing to be, in the place of blessing
Uninterrupted, silence
Being told, to move on

I watched the door, close
He gently, opened, a window
And poured, through, a miracle
Never, say, never

My arms, were empty
He filled them with, "again"
Inside jokes, still humorous
Making her, speechless

Knowing her, like no other

Lobster dinner
Peach sangria
Cherry cheesecake
French vanilla espresso

Yet, she...was the main course

An army of waiters
Cant' blame them
Rare beauty
Eyes, defined by time

For they house, tomorrow

Perth Amboy, NJ
Strolling, the waterfront
Spring, invades February
No ordinary, Saturday night

...this is something, more

She held my hand
That familiar, squeeze
A sign, of security
The message?..."Here I am"

He looked down, on me
Brought me, to life
Purged, my pain
Rewarded me, with her kiss

One a time

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One a time

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