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The Bloom of Youth

"The Bloom of Youth"
Written by Loiriam Jimenez
in 2008, 2011 and revised in 2016

There is the bloom of youth
quotes from the good scriptures.
And they look forward to see
what they have in the future.

The old man will return to youth,
He will be as he was when he was young.

Jehovah makes us young again,
like an eagle that grows new feathers.

You are a young,
you feel you have to be shameful.
But, you will turn good when you become


You are a young,
You should not let anyone treat you as if
you are worthless.
Be an example to show what you believe for.

Youth must flee desires.
His effort to do good show that he has faith,
love and peace

Since you were a child,
You have read your Bible.
And you will be ready to inform people about
wonderful things that God made.

Don't get angry.
Stay calm and think about how to do good
Also, laughing is the most important mood
while you are a young.

My ex-lover,
Why had you cheated on me?
Is that what you are not interested in me?
Well, we are not in the same interested.
'Cause I'm a child of Jehovah
And you continue to join your religion that
do not teach you the Bible,
then it is up to you.
But remember the end of the world is near.
And you may need your life precious.
I love you as if you decide to join the truth,
You are welcome to be my brother,
As Jehovah will bless you.

You young people,
Jehovah bless you if you flee desires,
fornication, drugs and many other bad
things that He hates.

You think about how yourselves be the
bloom of youth. If you can!
You will live forever if you are like the
flower blooms.

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