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 Family Parable (Part Twelve) Rehabilitation and Going Home (FINAL SEGMENT)

(Tom is moved to the rehab floor)
JANE:    Tom, I will be starting your rehab today
              I am going to check your reflexes, okay
              Yes, I see you do have limited movement
              Rehab twice a week will bring improvement

TOM:    I am ready and I will do the best that I can
             God will give me strength until the very end
JANE:   That is the positive attitude I really like to see
             You are athletic but it is not going to be easy

JANE:    First, I will lift each arm to touch your head
              Now it is your turn and I will guide each hand
TOM:     My arms feel like dead weight (slowly they move)
JANE:    Practice ten times twice a day, you will improve

JOHN:    I am so proud of you for all your determination
              Keep it up and you will exceed their expectations
TOM:     Will you be my coach and help me to succeed
JOHN:    Yes, I am here for you whatever way you need

SALLY:   I just talked to my boss, he called my cell phone
               He needs me back, I don't want to leave you alone
TOM:      Don't worry about me, I will be okay here with Dad
JOHN:     Tom is right, God is helping him become a strong lad

(Sally makes preparations to go home)
SALLY:   Honey, I am going to miss you, thanks for understanding
                I knew this day would eventually come in our planning
JOHN:      I will miss you too, but we can always call on the phone
                Tom's spirits are good and with God, we are never alone

(Rehab-three months later)
JANE:       I think you are ready for a few steps with the parallel bars
                You are doing well and I am pleased you have come so far
                These leg splints will give you added support and safety
                What do you say, Tom, we will take it very slow and easy

TOM:       Well, I am a little scared of falling, but I will certainly try
JOHN:      I am here beside you all the way (as a tear falls from his eye)
JANE:      Okay, then, let's do it, but feel free to stop me at any point
               Only you know the endurance and stability of your joints

(At the parallel bars)
JANE:        I want you to relax and let me pull you up to your feet
                 Take a few deep breaths to calm your pounding heartbeat
                 Use your good grip holding the bars and you will not fall
                 Now move your right foot one step, then the other after all

TOM:         I am ready to stop now, but at least I tried my best
JANE:        You did great, Tom, you deserve to have some rest
                  Once you have self confidence then you can do more
                  One day you will be ready to leave through that door

(Christmas time)
SALLY:     Papa Don, are you about ready for our flight to see Tom
DON:         Everyone is going to be surprised that I was able to come
                  I just hope enough time has past that John and I get along
SALLY:     Counseling has really changed you, nothing will go wrong

(Arrive in Tom's room)
SALLY:     Merry Christmas and look I brought someone with me
                  It was very hard to keep such a wonderful secret you see
JOHN:        Dad, I heard your counseling sessions are going swell
                  Glad you joined us, with much to catch up on as well

DON:          I wouldn't miss celebrating this year with you and Tom
                  He is making such great progress in how far he has come
TOM:         I owe it all to God, for everything in me that He has done
                  Without support from each of you, I would come undone

(Time for Sally and Don to leave)
SALLY:     I cannot believe how fast this weekend has whizzed by
DON:        Great times shared by all (as tears start to form in his eye)
TOM:        The doctor says I should be ready to go home in March
JOHN:       That will be a special day we all anticipate so very much

(Rehab in February)
JANE:        Today, it is time for you to learn to walk on your own
                  I am sure that is scary, but I will not leave you alone
                  It will take practice with your permanent leg braces
                  Use your special crutches as support for your paces

TOM:        Okay, I am ready and I have confidence I will do fine
JANE:        Now, think it through like we have worked on over time
                 First, stand up slowly and then get your balance, too
                 Once you are ready, let's see what you are able to do

TOM:        I will move my right leg, as I position that same crutch
                 Then the other leg, keep repeating the rhythm as such
JANE:       That is correct, you are doing great, right from the start
JOHN:       I am so very proud of you, my son, with all of my heart

(Preparing to go home)
DR. NEE:   You have done quite well through all of rehab, Tom
                  Do you have any questions now that this day has come
TOM:         No, Jane did a great job in preparing me when I leave
                  Helping me realize my limitations, setting me at ease

JOHN:        If I can speak for both Sally and me, we thank you
                  It has been a long road, but you helped us through
DR. NEE:   I am blessed I could be of service to you indeed
                  You know where to reach me if ever you need

(Arriving home)
TOM:         Why are there so many cars around the house
SALLY:      Surprise, I invited all of your friends to join us
TOM:         Thanks, Mom, this is the best welcome home party
                   Including remodeling the front door for my entry

TOM:         I want to thank you all for being part of my life
                  Many of you have helped me through this strife
                  I am going to finish my schooling in Des Moines
                  Where I can spend time with family and enjoy

TOM:         It is not important that I will never play basketball
                  I am so very fortunate to be alive and here above all
                  My long term goal is to travel across this great country
                  Sharing my story about dangers of joining a fraternity
(Everyone stands with loud applause)

THE END  (I know this last segment was especially long)

Thanks to all of you who have been following this fictional story
Whatever situation you are facing in your life today, I pray there
are lessons you can take from here that will help you on your journey

God bless you!

Carol Salter 3/3/11                  

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