The soul has much to say

Our Saturday


I'll write your legacy
Immortal prose
Feeling you
amongst a melancholy crowd
...our thoughts, looking for elbow room

My name
ascends from your lips
Aided in flight
breath of an angel
...whispers of an orchid

When you look at me
I matter
When I taste your kiss
I transcend the hopes
...of all men

Knowing you
rediscovering me
Always had answers
Here you come
...providing the questions

I ask for a sip
of your curiosity
You seek a slice
of my wonder
...the corner piece, with the lemon rose

Wanting you, just the way you are
Poor mans' Billy Joel
Repaving the road
of an unwanted destiny
...anything, to darken your doorway

So beautiful
The brevity of the day
...measured by your presence

Night comes
Lay your head
upon my chest
Say anything
...say nothing

You're my heart
in bloom
I'm your soul
ripe for harvest
...glorious reaping

Hiding from the world
You stare at me
I gaze upon you
Getting lost in each other
...they'll never find us

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Our Saturday

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