exhale the quiet


  I know you're there, and I'm here, low
and aligned with a multitude fashioned
in the image of you...

I know.
  I'm one among the sum and you are...

 the one.

if you will I would have you hear me,
I feel I am alone...

 I feel.

I am other than.

I feel, I am an other...

 a shelved meaning
suckling mercy, so...

 I walk.

 this beach, a seamed endless
stretch of it is well as if it is so
with all that surrounds me.


I have, and was left here, in a same place
 with a sad face laced with tracks
 of " why didn't you help yourself".


 I mean to...

  hide within an embrace of calm contrast
and independence...

 an eleventh hour where I am a portion
of the after of a slighted sun that has long
since fallen below crooning waves reflecting
a full moon shimmering in quiet majesty upon
modest dark waters.


 resign my thoughts to the sound of
waves coming in and lend my ears to the cries
of seagulls calling out to silhouettes.

 a confrontation to dismiss a pretense of doing
something otherwise...


it is all but rude that i should choose
to defect and intrude to this...

 found somewhere.

 A septembers brisk i would that i could
sail upon moves through the broken reeds and cool brush
where i now sit and stare out at two moons...

 to frail reeds whistling...

I listened.


 notes became words helping themselves to my nothing

despite me.

despite my lips parting to call down sound, any
sound to drown the sound of your name.

 despite the "damn" I sought to fend off hearing
 your word calling me out of a solitude
I felt a need to elude to...

 and claim.

 despite me...

in you again, I'm found.



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