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Follow the leadership,.
Follow you where?
Your leadership is nothing to cheer,
Under your leadership we have not progressed in years,
Leaders should lead by example not by talk,
Set an example by walking the walk,
Not fluent in the language,
Not Muhaddiith or hafiz of Quran,
You’re just an unexceptional brother doing the best he can,
Every Muslim is required to pray five times a day,
When, where and who appointed you
Imam for a life time stay?
In 2011 what traits do you possess that distinguish you from others?
Answer that honestly my brother.
Is there anything special that you do?
Half the people standing behind you know more
Or at least the same amount of Deen and surahs as you,
Follow the leader is a game played by children with no pre-defined goal,
We are struggling in this Deen with the goal of saving our souls,
We must upgrade to stay abreast with the times,
After-all, this ain't 1969.
Antiquated approach,
With the appeal of burnt toast,
Intellectual deficit or smarter than most?
Traditional Islamic education.... adequate or are you lacking it?
Are you ever going to recognize that it's your time to quit?
Are you hoping for a rebel leader to stage a coup
Doing a Hosni Mubarak to you?
Ego maniac, leader of the Crew,
Store front Imams making
Pompous proclamations,
Delusional about their status within Muhammad's Nation,
Predictions about ruling the world,
Progress … If any...
Slower than a turtle,
Haven't even crossed the first hurdle,
If looking for upward mobility don't stop here because all you'll find is disability,
An inability to delegate responsibility,
An inability to organize, an inability to manage or take advantage
Of the talented people around,
Incompetence abounds,
Instead of utilizing their talents, they are chased out of town,
Why do you fear their expertise and knowledge?
Are you intimidated by members of the jamaat who have graduated from college?
Is this about Deen or just about you?
If this was face book you would have just been poked,
Passing the baton,
Just another one of old folks jokes,
Follow the leadership is their constant refrain,
Seems they only want followers who have no brains,
Under your leadership we are like an engine-less train,
If a train has no engine,
In the station it will remain,
Under your leadership we have not progressed in years,
We are not progressing, just staying the same,
So, until you put forth some progressive action,
Your conversation needs to change,
Follow the leadership?
You need to stop using that phrase,
Follow you where?
What is your vision?
What is your plan?
You ain't the Prophet; you're just an unexceptional man
With limited abilities doing the best he can.
What have you done lately brother Imam for life?
Have you brought about progress while alleviating strife?
In Napoleonic fashion you seem to have a need to be …
The top crab in the barrel,
Kicking anyone who would climb up...
Follow the leadership...
Are there any real leaders left around?


Habib Abu Lateef


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