The soul has much to say



Systematically, undone
The taste of every fingertip, every toe
accounted for
My mouth feeds
as if hunger, were life

Her breath, cools my chest
March winds, chiseled landscape
Mathematics of the flesh
Constant division, ongoing addition
The odor of love...intoxicating

Her hair, washes over me
Silken rainfall, strawberry and vanilla
Peach folds, soft lips
Yet, it's her tender heart
...that makes me weep

What I wouldn't do
Drink from the sun
Tear out the devils' throat
Spill my own blood
Just to lover her, for a day

24 hours, with her in my arms
I can make it last
Forever, has no hold on me
Every breath taken, total recall
My memory...immortal

She tames, unleashes me...all at once
The perfected version of me, unveiled
when she whispers, "I love you"
A man is measured, by his appetites
She feeds me

My starvation...eternal

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