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Do as I do until you
Become a reasonable facsimile,
A darker version of ameriKKKan me,
Shave your face like mine,
Weave or process your hair
Until it looks like mine,
That's the only way I can tolerate your kind,
Imitation is the highest form of flattery,
Relax until you become comfortable
Living in a state of insanity,
To create a slave with invisible chains,
Incarcerate their brains,
Drink plenty of beer and wine as you dine
On pizza topped with swine,
Go half nude,
Obsess about sports,
Cuss and be rude
As you use foul speech and be lewd,
Above your shorts a beer belly grows,
Until you can no longer see your toes,
As you snort white powder up your nose,
Your transformation is nearly complete,
Dress like me,
Talk like me,
Walk like me,
Work for me,
Build for me,
Buy from me,
Vote for me,
Serve me,
Bow to me,
Worship me,
Accept me as all three
Of your unholy Trinity,
Watch me in movies and TV,
Become free through Slavery,
Study your mirror until you see a darker version of me,
Imitation is the highest form of flattery,
Now sit...
Roll over,
Good boy!
Play alive,
You’re dead!


Habib Abu Lateef

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