The soul has much to say

Her heart...her diary


She fought, so hard
Guarding, her greatest treasure
Words of life
Lyrics of humanity

Beautiful woman
A tear drop, from Gods' eye
Her blessed, alias
Under, lock and key

Wanting to read her
Needing to feel her
Hoping to taste her
Always catch her

Fear, anxiety her garments
Winds of ignorance
Her psyche, blown away
A calm I

She cried, as I read
Her breath, quickened
My kiss, her salvation
My embrace, her fortress

Her words, were pure
Her weeping, a mystery
I exercised, confusion
She provided, clarity

Memoirs of a flower
Prayers of a full-figured, whisper
Notes of a living, sunrise
Pleas of a precious, entity

To re-write her
change the title
shorten the ending
Many, have tried

I'm the chosen one
The first, to read her through
To accept her, as she is
My rewards?

Fire, disguised, as a heart
The scent of sweet, flesh
The savor of full, lips
The sanctified, reality

...of her love

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Her heart...her diary

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