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Fundamentalists  I


In these enlightened medieval days Iran
Enjoys the weirdness of Islam. The joy of the so
Called prophet Allah. The inhuman beating of women
To death with the male interpretation of the Quran.

Of course the devil himself hides inside the pages.
Declaring women are inferior, inferior to whom.
Some illiterate moron who has been taught to blow
Himself to bits in,  the devils name, O sorry Allah's name.  

Not much different in hell from either,
 Woman hide your shame you are making this peaceful!
 Male want you. Although why is he so
 Lustful of another mans wife.
  Did he not learn how respect women from his prophet.

Only blind obedience to an archaic text that
Is dismissed by any sane person.
Though in Islamic fundamentalist minds

The Quran says it all. Blind obeisance to Allah
 Expect respect, and obedience from women.
Who are these men do they believe in love or lust.
Women hide your body there's a male? About.

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Fundamentalists I