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The Jeremy Kyle Show or That's Entertainment

It's on the television in a morning
for five days of the week
with its constant daily parade
of inadequate, stupid and weak,

all there to help him
play his nasty little game
in return for ten seconds
of very dubious fame.
He speaks to them quietly,
gets them at their ease
skilled in the ways
of the media tease.

They sit there muttering in
his theatre of the absurd
until he has each ensnared
by their very owns words.
He then shouts and he yells
gives them verbal abuse
playing to his audience
who react to each new

sordid revelation as
he pushes them hard
all the time being watched
by his large bodyguard.
Having wreaked vengeance
here comes Mr Nice Guy
who will help with counselling if
they'll agree to give it a try.

And he simpers to his audience
who willingly play their role
smiling and applauding
as the farewell credits roll;
at least he's there for the money
as he spews out his views
but what I wonder is
the audiences' excuse.

He'll be back in the morning
by turns humble and brash
as the tills in his mind
mentally count up his cash.

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The Jeremy Kyle Show or That`s Entertainment