once upon a time

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Open the lens, peer at any scene;-
Though one turn of the lens our perspective on life
Becomes distorted truth is often hidden.
If not, completely untrue. The lens
Can ripple into fractures it is often courted
As reality is it’s our view on life that we believe.

Many factors cause us to accept what we see as truth.
Not thinking any mirrored image can change the way we live.
Ignoring that’s truths subtle rippling reflects shadows
That enhances, and changes or perspective on an issue.

Looking through that infernal lens, the truth bends,
It becomes what the lens wants us to see.
We watched the last years of prosperity unravel,
The cameras caused a ripple on life that we trusted.

We adjust to deceit as truthfulness. Shall we put away our camera?
Better still; let’s open our minds to, reality.
Ask and demand the truth as seen through our lens on life.

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